In this post, I will show how I created a (simple) send – return FX loop with the Behringer X Air Edit for my XR18 to use outboard FX pedals.

Here is the video about how to set this up.

Right now, I have only one stereo FX pedal (the Source Audio Collider) which is connected via AUX 1 + AUX 2 and the return signal are fed back into the XR18 via channels 9 + 10.

This way I can record both the dry signal from the instrument(s) and the reverb.

To feed anything into this loop, you have to go to the channel of the instrument (in my case it is the Subsequent 37 which is connected to input 8) by clicking on the lower part of the ‘mixer’ on the track button (S37 in my case).

Next you select ‘Sends’ and you can use the upper faders to send the signal from the track you selected into the desired AUX bus.
In my example, I have created a stereo bus (see Behringer X Air Edit stereo AUX bus how I did this) so the 2 busses are linked.

After sending the dry signal into the AUX busses, you should be hearing the FX coming in on the input (9 + 10 in my case).

You can now record the reverb on a separate track in (for example) your DAW and feed more instruments into the pedal.

Make sure you set the pedal to ‘full wet’ because you don’t want to add the dry signal to the return (at least not in this situation).

Alternatively, you can select the BUS itself and use the bottom faders to send audio to the bus.

Select the bus you want to send to
Now you can use the lower faders to send multiple tracks to the bus.

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