Moving from a crop sensor D90 to a Full Frame D610 I was curious how the continuous modes of both camera’s would compare when it comes to speed and buffer size.

I set up both camera’s like so:

  • Continues mode D90 = H and D610 = CH
  • disabled all image corrections.
  • Both camera’s were set to MF, to assure the autofocus would not influence this speedtest.
  • The picture quality was set to Jpeg Fine, since I am used to shooting like that.
  • The SD card that I used was a SanDisk 16Gb 95 MB/s Extreme Pro.

Here you can find a video of the comparison:

The results were pretty clear: the D610 is faster and has a larger buffer.
Before slowing down, I was abled to get 66 shots in 11 seconds with the D610, taking 6 frames per second (about the same as Nikon says it should).
The average filesize is about 13 MB, so that would be 78 MB per second.

The D90 however could only shoot 30 frames before slowing down and needed about 7 seconds to do so. Giving it a frame rate of about 4 per second.
Here the average filesize is 6 MB, so that would ‘only’ give a stream of 42 MB per second.

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