Since the Moog Subsequent 37 does not have any onboard ‘effects’, I figured it would be nice to (at least) have a bit of reverb.
After some digging around, I found the TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 that was sounding quite nicely and did not cost a fortune.

My initial test was satisfying (all shorter sounds) until I played a long, low, filtered sound.

Here are the settings of the Moog subsequent 37

All at a sudden I noticed a weird distortion that I could only stop by bypassing the Hall of Fame 2.

Here you can hear the strange noise

Now I’m not sure if TC Electronic planned on this effect, but it was not what I wanted.
I tried various settings and only the ‘hall’ was ‘ok’ with this sound.
The other test was mostly with brighter or shorter sounds and I did not notice this effect. .

My first test went ok.

My best guess is that this is a ‘guitar’ pedal and the Moog is (way) too loud for it’s default settings.
So it distorts the signal…
For now the solution is to lower the output volume on the Moog and increase the gain on the input of the audio interface (so the pedal gets less volume).

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