We sometimes like to play in a 12/8 (triplets) time signature and I wanted to sync my Moog Subsequent 37 to the DAW playing (in this simple example) a flat beat.
No matter what clock division I tried, I could not get it to work.
But I did find a solution and it works well for us.

I’m using Propellerheads Reason for this example, but I’m pretty sure most DAW’s can do something similar.
First of all the sequencer settings.

It is a (very) short 3 step sequence with C0 – C1 – C1 and mod amounts that will add some extra ‘triplet feel’ when applied.
The sequence mod destination is set to the filter cutoff and the amount is set about half way.

The important part for this to work is the clock division. I use 1/16th here and for some extra modulation option I have set the mod wheel to control the Sequencer modulation amount.
(remember to use the mod wheel to make use of this effect, which I forgot in the video)

For the daw, I set the time signature to 12/8, although that does not help anything but the grid align properly. The click is off anyway (at least in Reason).

But we use a drum machine routed to a separate output for the clicktrack.
The pattern is set to 12 (but could be 3, 6 etc.)

And that is how we make triplets work on the Moog Subsequent 37

Here you can hear how this (simple) example is sounding.

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