The other day my trusted Philips SHP895 died due to a cable failure and I needed to find a replacement.
After some testing and reading and a nice discount I choose the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80Ohms.
In this review I will share my experiences with this nice piece of gear.

I´m a bass guitar player and occasionally make some music on my laptop to compliment various movies I make. I’m also using my headphone for editing videos and sometimes take it with me while recording sound using my external microphone.
In all of these categories I’m a consumer (not a pro user) so my budget was somewhat limited, but I knew what I was looking for.
There are three versions of the DT 770, all with different Ohmages (32,80 and 250 Ohm), where the 32 Ohm version is best suited for mobile use (mp3 players) and the 250 Ohm will have a better sound performance, but also needs more amplification (it ‘needs’ some kind of amplification to work best).
I choose the 80 Ohm version as I have my BassPod with the band (amplified signal), but also use it on my laptop.

1. Band:
In my band I like to wear a headphone as it will dampen the noise and prevent (some) ear damage.
As a bass guitar player it had to be able to handle low frequencies, but I also need a isolated (over ear, sealed) headphones to be able to hear myself.

2. Making music:
When making music on my laptop, I need a headphone that is able to give me a clean and analyitical sound. No bass boosting or too much of a ‘signature’ from the factory.

3. Video editing:
For video editing the ‘needs’ are about the same as for monitoring.

4. Recording sound (video):
Again I need to have a clean sound and well isolated headphone.

I also listen to music via my headphone, but this is not my main purpose as I have a Bose soundlink for that.

DT 770 Pro Box

In the box
In the box of the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro we find a couple of things:

  1. The headphone itself
  2. A jack 3.5mm to 6.35mm converter (threaded)
  3. A black pouch for the headphone.

Not too much, but what else do we need?

First impression
The DT 770 Pro has a fixed cable. I was used to having a detachable one and found that somewhat comforting (it would spring loose when I stepped on my cable).
I will have to find out how solid this connection is…
The ear cushions are nice and soft (not like the leather ones). I like these a lot, although they might cause some heat buildup after long usage.
The headband has detachable padding, which seems like a nice idea (replacable).
Overall the headphone feels very solid and the first impression was good.


I have a rather large head, so I needed to adjust the cups to fit my head…
After that the headphone fitted perfectly and I have been using it very often (also for longer periods over two hours).

The earcup is made of (in my case black) plastic that feels a little ‘cheap’. Not like it’s easily damaged, but it has a shiny feel that just does not look too good.
Then again, I’m buying a headphone to sound and feel good.

Ear cushions
The ear cushions have detachable velour padding and they are very comfortable. There is enough pressure to make it stay in place, but not too much to be annoying. I have to say I need some pressure on my ears since I tend to move my head while playing music so for me this is a good thing.

Having replaceable cushions is a bonus, since they will get dirty over time and I am planning to keep this headphone for as long as it keeps functioning.

Heat buildup
Being a full sized ‘over ear’ headphone, my ears do tend to get a little warm after some time. This is not different from what I’m used to is no big deal for me.


The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro has a nice and thick cable, although I would have liked it to be detachable.
It is one sided, so that is a plus for me (more comfortable since it’s less prone to interfere with my clothes and guitar strap).

As mentioned, the head band has a soft pad that can be replaced also.
After long usage you will feel it, but I’m also used to that it exceeded my expectations even.
The headband itself is made of steel and that feels solid!


Over all wearing the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is no burden at all, although everyday studion users might want to find a headphone that is a little less sturdy.
It might not be the best looking headphone, but that is a matter of taste anyway.

In a studio environment
The DT 770 Pro has good isolation so I can use it perfectly on the kitchen table with the TV playing in the livingroom, not hearing anything from the tv (even with low volumes).

The DT 770 Pro has a well defined sound that is very usable for making music. I hear all lines and instruments even when fading in and out.
The sound is accurate and my final mixes sound well on car, TV, stereo and earbuds.

There is enough bass sound, without pushing away the mid- and high frequencies so I am very pleased with the DT 770 Pro when making music or editing video.

As a monitor while playing bass guitar 
Again the good isolation makes that I’m able to hear what I’m playing and prevents some eardamage.

Having a 5-string bass guitar I need the very low frequencies and some of the headphones I tested did not cope with that very well.


The DT 770 Pro however is perfectly capable of producing a good bass guitar sound, especially when paired to my BassPod.

I’m also using it on my Vox AmPlug also, but that one is battery powered and does not sound as good as the BassPod does. (more on that in another review)
This is not caused by the DT 770 Pro, that handles my 5 strings perfectly!


Listening to music
I’ve used the DT 770 Pro with various music genres and it performs very well on all of them.
If you’re used to having a headphone that boosts the bass, like most cheaper models do, you might find it’s sound a bit to clean. But from a musicians point of view that is a good thing as you will hear more details in the music.

The 80 Ohm version will need to have some amplification, so you will probably be boosting the volume somewhat on your laptop.


I have grown to like the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro a lot, both for making music on my laptop and acting as a monitor while playing the bass guitar.
It produces a clean and accurate sound and handles my 5 string bass guitar very well.
The 80 Ohm version might not be the best choise for (mobile) listening to music, but pumping up the volume won’t harm my laptop.

Wearing the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is no burden. The earpads are comfortable velour and the spring steel headband is robust and feels good.

It’s looks might not be the best around, but that is a matter of personal taste and less important to me.

Summing up my review:

  • Very accurate, clean and well defined sound
  • Comfortable
  • Feels solid
  • Good for bass guitar players
  • Good sound isolation
  • Ear cushions and headband padding are replaceable


  • Looks
  • Cable not detachable
  • Might get a bit warm on your ears after some time

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