Today the site has been updated! A few things were altered: The (WordPress) theme was changed to ‘Simone’ A category-tree was added in the sitebar Some categories were added / re-arranged A review menu item was added We will be updating the site, so if you have any comments, feelContinue Reading

For a new project I needed to use a csv rendered SSRS report, but the default settings were not sufficient (comma delimited). I had to do some research, but managed to get what I want: Export without headers Semicolon as field delimiter Dot as decimal separator

Introduction I needed to create a SSRS report that only showed group headers (or footers) and still have alternate colors (every other row has another background color). Problem Normally I would use an expression like “= iif(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2 = 0, “Silver”, “White”)” for the ‘backgroundcolor’ property.

This is the first post, used to try out some things for Like some styling, formatting etc. etc. I will be using this blog for sharing some things that might be handy for other people. But I have to figure out some things first. Like, how to indent textContinue Reading